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What to do When Your Arm Gives Up--- on You?

“What is going on?”

A man massaging his wrist in front of a keyboard.You ask yourself as you wake up one Monday morning preparing for the work week ahead. That occasional numbness and tingling in your hands is now a constant pain that lingers on. Not only is it annoying, but it also is affecting work. Whether it is sitting at the desk typing or using your hands to build something, work is even harder with the use of only one hand. So what started as a small tingling in your arm and hand that you thought would go away, is now a pain that is affecting your work and daily activities.

How did this arm pain start controlling my life?

This story is one that I have heard many times in my 15 years of practice. The person thinks it will clear up on its own but doesn’t. After all we are designed to heal and mend ourselves, so it seems reasonable it would happen this time too. It even gets worse. Pain medications make it manageable. The ice and heat help but you can’t carry them with you all day either. So what is a person to do when one of their arms are not working?

In this video I will provide some potential causes and some tips that may help you with the arm pain. Of course, you are always welcome to call my office for a complimentary consultation if you are concerned as well.

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