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Get to Know Dr. Randy Wurts

Not Just a Chiropractor, But A Dad and Husband Too

Dr Randy smilingBeing a dad allows me to say with sincerity “I understand” when it comes to the joys and struggles of raising a child. I love the hugs, the “I love you Daddy,” the snuggle time, and just plain being goofy. The flip side is the tantrums, not having the correct color of cup that causes their world to end, problems going to bed and waking many times a night, and the ups and downs of picking out a dress in the morning. I love it and just like you, raising a child can be full of rewards and some challenges too. One of the hard things about raising kids is making decisions.

One thing that I did learn from taking care of kids is that parents are relentless in finding a solution for their children. It is beyond my imagination how some of you “parent” every single day with the health challenges your child faces. I have heard stories from parents passing out from not sleeping, crying daily as they do not know what to do with their colicky baby in pain, being told by the medical doctor to start to make “arrangements” because we cannot do anything for your “failure to thrive” baby and many other stories. Plus, all the strain it has on the family as well. My heart truly goes out to you! It is my hope I can make “parenting” easier for you because I know care is just as much for you as it is for your child.

Ever Since I Was A Kid

My journey as a chiropractor began in the 2nd grade. Suddenly, I became ill with achy joints, a sore back, and a very queasy stomach. The medical doctor that my mother would normally take me to was closed that day, (God had other plans for me) so she took me to a different type of doctor. Rather than looking at my throat and taking my temperature, this doctor examined my back and neck instead. You guessed it, this doctor was a chiropractor. After the chiropractor examined me, the chiropractor gave me my first adjustment.

Something changed in me that day as a result of that adjustment, not only physically, but mentally as well.You see, a few hours after I woke up, I felt amazing. Like I have never felt before! I started to look at health in a different way and was curious how someone adjusting my neck and back could make me feel and function so well.

That chiropractic experience had a profound impact on me, leading me to a fascination with natural health, healing, and a career as a chiropractor. Now, I assist others who are suffering just as I did years ago.

People Come into Your Life for a Reason

There are times when people come into your life who will change your life forever and Taylor was that little girl who did that to me. From the age of 10 months, Taylor started to develop respiratory problems that progressively became worse by the age of 7. Doctor visits and hospital stays were a “normal” part of her life. Having breathing problems limited her exposure to the outdoors and friends. As a result, she developed a timid personality. Her family thought that medication and doctor’s visits were their only option because that is all they were told, until I met her.

Taylor blossomed with chiropractic care. Her respiratory issues became a thing of the past! Taylor’s mom states:

“Symptoms before would have sent her into a tail-spin of doctor visits and possible hospital stays have lessened drastically. This winter, weather-wise, was one of the worst in years, however, it was the healthiest Taylor has been her entire life! I still kept a watchful eye with every cough and sneeze, but her body was able to fight off these illnesses easier than ever before.”

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“Aside from her respiratory issues, which is tenfold the cost of her chiropractic care, Taylor has also become a more outgoing and social little girl. In the past, Taylor would be timid around others and tend to keep to herself in many situations. Over the past year, Taylor’s personality has blossomed, revealing a more positive and energetic little girl. Now she tells stories of helping others, making new friends outside of her class and grade, even becoming the “welcome wagon” for new students to her classroom.
The first time I read this, tears welled up in my eyes. It was then I knew that there were other children desperately in need of chiropractic care. Parents who were at a loss as to where to turn to get answers, hope, and a solution for their struggling children and what that means for the rest of their life. So, I made it my mission to help as many kids and their families in my lifetime as possible.”

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Staying Active with Family

You may see me with my family at Life Point Church in Lewis Center. Running, hiking, or playing with my family at Alum Creek State Park. Also, I enjoy watching my daughter dance at NorthPoint Dance Academy. If you see me out and about, please say hello, I would like to meet you.

A Life of Loyal Service

Dr. Randy received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Randy also holds a membership with the Ohio State Chiropractic Association.

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Regular chiropractic care helps Dr. Randy stay healthy, active and able to adapt to life’s challenges. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. We are here to help.


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