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Pediatric Chiropractic at inThrive Chiropractic

A Holistic Approach to Your Child’s Health

We understand that when a child faces health issues, it affects the whole family dynamic. You may be the parent of a baby struggling to sleep, having a hard time pooping, or fighting ear infection after ear infection. Perhaps you have a toddler on an emotional rollercoaster, not developing like the other children the same age, or dealing with respiratory issues every other week. Still, there is the adolescent or teen fighting off anxiety, doing poorly in school or just trying to make it a week without a seizure. Regardless of the struggle your child is going through, we know you are hurting right there with them, searching for answers, and hoping for solutions to resolve the problem in a drug-free way, not just shut off the symptoms.

Understanding Your Child’s Health Story

From the first phone call, through the consultation, and then the advanced scans and physical exam, Dr. Randy is obsessed with finding the cause of the problem often rooted in the nervous system. By improving your child’s nervous system function, we help your child win at life. Click here to learn more about the first visit.

Through the Eyes of a Child

We believe in building trust with children through play, being approachable, or just plain being goofy. Dr. Randy has experience to ease your child and makes their first and follow up chiropractic visits more relaxed, approachable, and fun all based on your child’s personality. He is very good at understanding the needs of the child with help from the parents. Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and are tailored to the unique needs of your child to help your child and you feel at ease throughout their care. Dr. Randy will talk and show you and your child what to expect before he does any adjusting.

  • My daughter can now move her head and neck, it’s no longer stuck in one spot. Care at inThrive Chiropractic has been very beneficial for not only my daughter but for our family. We are all happy now!
    -Allie L.
  • I am so happy with the progress my son is making with Dr. Randy that I have started seeing Dr. Randy myself! It’s been so wonderful to have my child living pain-free and to have his body working the way it is supposed to without the use of medications!
    -Abby M.
  • We are so thankful that we found Dr. Randy! Our baby is so much happier and content…. and therefore, so are we!! We have been able to bond more deeply with our precious baby boy and we have more peace in our home!
    -Nichole B.

Witnessing Wins

We get to celebrate many stories of children overcoming health challenges. We can tell you with confidence that children under chiropractic care have nervous systems that are finely tuned and better adapted for the stress in life. This is how chiropractic care helps in their life:

  • From ADHD to better focus
  • From asthma to breathing better and playing outside more
  • From acid reflux and spitting up to keeping food down and holding head up.
  • From meltdowns to self-regulation
  • From colic to calmness for baby and the family
  • From constipation to pooping (and parents celebrating by texting poop emojis back and forth)
  • From chronic illness to a healthier immune system
  • From neurological disorders to functioning better in life.
  • From seizures to living a safe, confident and more fulfilled life.
  • From sleepless nights to peace at night.
  • From a frustrated family to a better engaged one!
And these are just to name a few as Dr. Randy has helped many other children who were not growing, passing out, sensory issues, balance and coordination, "growing pains" and other unresolved problems where parents contacted him as the last resort.

Get Started Today

Children respond quickly and effectively to our safe and gentle techniques. If your child is having any physical or emotional issues, why not give pediatric chiropractic a try? inThrive Chiropractic and Dr. Randy are here to meet the needs of your family. Contact us today!


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