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Lauren Mahle, Chiropractic Assistant

Lauren has the familiar voice you hear on the phone and the friendly person who greets you when you arrive. Born in Indiana, she now resides in Sunbury where she grew up with her 2 brothers, mom and dad, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bunch of chickens.

Personal and Professional Growth

Being a CA at inThrive allows me the opportunity to be with people. I choose to work here to grow myself and my skills in an office setting. Mostly, I want to help people feel better in any way possible, whether that’s connecting with a child or giving hope to a new patient seeking answers and hope. I am a “people person” at heart.

Living my Purpose

Watching people’s health transform with the chiropractic care we offer is amazing to me. They not only feel better physically but also feel better about themselves. Being able to grow relationships is a bonus as well! Getting to know people, their families, their activities, celebrating their personal wins, and being there with them when life gets them down is how I live my life’s purpose at inThrive.

Getting to know me:

My Faith in Jesus Christ as a Catholic is very important to me. St. John Neumann is my home parish where I frequently serve. I enjoy hiking, exploring, kayaking, and lifting weights. Another hobby of mine is collecting knives. (Yes, you did read that correctly)

Give Us a Call!

Truly, I am looking forward to meeting on the phone and in person. Then, getting to know you more as you become a part of our chiropractic family.


Lauren Mahle, CA| (614) 705-6567