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Feel Great at inThrive Chiropractic

Since 2004, Dr. Randy Wurts has been passionate about enriching the lives of his many patients. Our care is personal and personalized, with an emphasis on pediatric and prenatal chiropractic, as well as skilled extremity adjusting.


Chiropractor Columbus Ohio for Family Wellness

Reclaim your Life at inThrive Chiropractic

Since 2004, Dr. Randy Wurts has helped many overcome a vast variety of health challenges to live a healthier more fulfilling life. The life they are meant to live. Perhaps you are one of those people and you are searching for answers, hope and results. Children get well and stay well. Women find comfort throughout pregnancy. Families Thrive! Thank you for visiting our site. Please browse further to understand how to become a healthier person for you, your children and family to get well and stay well.

Personable and Precise Care at inThrive Chiropractic

Columbus Ohio Chiropractor, Dr. Randy Wurts and inThrive Chiropractic, are thrilled to serve you and the families of Columbus and surrounding areas. inThrive Chiropractic offers effective, on time, friendly chiropractic care. Dr. Randy seeks to listen and understand why care for your child, you and your family are important. People just don’t come in for a problem, they come in for their problem and we want to know exactly that. Care is designed to overcome your health challenge and achieve your goals. Dr. Randy takes time to study your health history and exam findings so when it comes to providing care, he can be precise and effective. We believe in creating a great experience and nurturing wonderful relationships along the way. We invite your family to become a part of ours.

Who We Enjoy Serving

Many of the health challenges people suffer from as adults accumulated through their life and may have started before they were born. Dr. Randy realized early in practice that health of a child starts with a healthy pregnancy. Not only does mom benefit from pregnancy care, but babies do as well. Babies respond exceptionally well to the safe, light touch pediatric care that Dr. Randy has developed. Dr. Randy is a kid at heart and absolutely enjoys caring for them, watching children overcome challenges, and blossom in the person they are designed to be. Sure, mom and dad need help dealing with life’s challenges and are welcomed as patients too. Family Chiropractic care is a family affair at inThrive Chiropractic!

Our Practice Difference

It is the simple things done with a personal touch that allows us to stand out. You should not only see the difference; you should feel the difference. Here is how we deliver an experience for you:

  • A practice who sees you first as a person, then as a patient.
  • A doctor who seeks to understand your health problems and provides you answers in a simple, understandable way.
  • Staff who are attentive, friendly, and know you by name.
  • A dedicated doctor who incorporates technology and continually trains to improve himself as your chiropractor.
  • An atmosphere that is both positive and inviting that can be fun and informative along the way.

Once you become a patient, you will find that we do the basics exceptionally well. We care deeply about people. Dr. Randy has accumulated more than 15 years of hard-won experience and continuous study to be able to offer our patients the type of elite care that creates consistent results. Contact us today for your child, you or your family for Hope – Answers – Results. It would be an honor helping you.