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New Patient Process at inThrive Chiropractic

Welcome to Our Office!

If you’re visiting this page for the first time, wonderful! This page is especially for you. We have helped many others who were once in your situation live a much better life once their health has been restored. Learn a little more about what to expect here. Our video on this page will show you what to expect during your first two visits.

From the first phone call, we at inThrive Chiropractic are getting to know you and the health problems interfering with your life. You will be greeted warmly at the door by name and be given a tour, so you are familiar and feel more at ease.


Your First Visit

Dr. Randy takes it from here in the consultation to know all your problems, concerns and everything you are struggling with. Together you will create goals to paint a picture of what life can look and feel like when you are as healthy as possible.

Since we are a neurologically based chiropractic office, meaning we use the nervous system as a window to our health, Dr. Randy will explain how chiropractic works in our office. Different – YES, effective – bigger YES. We are not the same as other doctors or most other chiropractors. Because we are looking for the cause of the problem, not how to temporarily stop the symptoms.

The exams and screenings are thorough and detailed. We are going to be doing some major detective work. During the physical exam, Dr. Randy will examine your spine and do other tests to determine what is causing your body not to function. The neurological screenings use technology that shows and measures nerve function. These scans are completely safe for babies, children, pregnant women, and anyone else.

Above all, Dr. Randy will provide answers to you that you have been looking for because he looks at your health and body in a different way than you typically experience. He often finds problems that are not commonly associated with chiropractic care.

Your Second Visit

Because the exam and screenings are very detailed and generate much information, Dr. Randy needs time to fully study your findings. Therefore, your second report visit will be scheduled a day or two after your first visit, unless it is an emergency and/or Dr. Randy deems otherwise. During your report visit, Dr. Randy will:

  • Review your problem(s) and your health goals.
  • Clearly explain the exact cause of your health problem(s) in an easy, understandable way.
  • Provide your care plan that will allow your body to function optimally to reach your health goals and live a healthier life from then on.
  • Offer payment options that make care available to you and your family.

Dr randy talking with child patient

Chiropractic Adjusting Visits

You will be welcomed every time with a warm smile by staff who are eager to serve you. We will provide you with on-time, friendly care. Chiropractic care in our office consists of a series of chiropractic adjusting visits following the recommendations provided in your care plan. Consistent care is key to helping you achieve your goals now and keep you and your children healthy in the future.

Progress Exams

Progress exams are conducted after a series of chiropractic adjustments to evaluate how well you are responding to care. By comparing past exams and scans with new ones, we are able to determine the next steps. Think of them as “time outs” to reassess your health status. They are also a great time to celebrate wins and answer additional questions you may have.

Accommodating and Convenient

You will find that our approach is not only friendly but convenient and accessible. We can accommodate families, both children and adults, who appreciate our warm service and attention to detail. We’d love to partner with you in helping you to feel great to serve yourself and your family. Contact us today. The decisions you make today may change what the rest of your life looks like tomorrow.

New Patient Process at inThrive Chiropractic | (614) 705-6567