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What People Say When Their Back "Goes Out."

“All I Did Was Bend Over…”

What People Say When Their Back “Goes Out.”

Woman leaning over desk with back painAs I opened the door, I seen “the look.” It was a look I have seen many times before and her face could tell her health history with out me reading it. However, every person needs to share their “pain” story with their doctor. It is a dance. A way to sync up, to develop trust and start the relationship. “All I did was bend over… to tie my shoes.” Just from that phase, I can tell her history for the past two years. I knew that her body was giving her warnings, “speed bumps” I call them, but she was not listening or just did not make the connection. That phase “All I did was bend over” is a sure way of knowing the person I am listening to has sudden and severe low back pain that people often describe as “My back went out.”

In this video I will share some information and tips. Just before a car breaks down, there is usually warning signs. The same with this low back problem as well. I will share who is likely to have this problem, the warning signs, and what to do if your low back does “goes out.” Ignore it and it may go away this time, but it often returns. More intense and more frequent and longer lasting that before.

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