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We Do Not Help Babies Poop, We do Something Much Better!

Baby in a blanketIf you are a parent, then you’ve changed a diaper or two in your time. In the morning and in the middle of night. Believe me–I am learning firsthand that diapers fill up the trash fast! But what if it was the other way around like Andrew? What if your child couldn’t fill their diaper? Who would you turn to? Abby can tell what she did.

“I stumbled upon Dr. Randy while doing an internet search (thanks Google!) and what a great thing that turned out to be for us! At our first appointment, Dr. Randy examined my son and explained everything he was seeing in a way that was very easy for me to understand. As I listened to him, everything he was saying just made sense. He even pointed out other issues my son was having that I had not noticed! Dr. Randy put together a treatment plan for Andrew and we have been seeing Dr. Randy a few times a week ever since.”

“I am so happy with the progress Andrew is making with Dr. Randy. Andrew had two bowel movements with 24 hours of his first adjustment and has been pooping several times a week ever since. I never thought I would be so excited to change diapers. The screaming gas sessions have all but stopped and he is nursing much more comfortably. In fact, we have been so happy with how well Andrew is doing that I have started seeing Dr. Randy myself for treatment with migraines. It’s been so wonderful to have my child living pain free and to have his body working the way it is supposed to without the use of medications!” ~ Abby M

Two Lessons:

  1. Moms: trust your intuition when it comes to your children.
  2. You see I did not help Andrew poop; I did something much better. I helped his nerves controlling his bowels work better. Better nerves = better bowels. By removing the nerve interference, Andrews body was more alert and able to function regardless of the symptoms. It is as simple as that! So now you know why we used this photo!

We do things different here and we get wonderful results.

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