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Understanding the Healing Process: The Four Phases

Four phases of careOne common concern among parents is understanding what to expect during their child’s care journey.

In the video, Dr. Randy Wurts, a neurologically focused pediatric chiropractor will explain the four phases of healing as a person progresses through their care plan.

Releasing Stress: This initial phase focuses on “getting unstuck” from stress. It involves techniques to release tension and begin the process of relaxation.

Rewiring: The next step involves reorganizing nerve connections within the body and between the body and the brain. This phase aims to enhance communication pathways for optimal function.

Reinforcing New Connections: Building on the previous phase, this stage focuses on developing more and better nerve connections to adapt to stressors. It’s about creating a strong foundation for overall health.

Resilience: The final phase is about maintaining those positive connections and adapting to life’s stresses to achieve higher-level wellness goals. It’s about building resilience and long-term well-being.

Our progress exams and scans are designed to track these phases, ensuring we stay on the right path towards your child’s wellness goals. Understanding these phases can provide clarity and assurance, making the journey towards healing smoother and more predictable.

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