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inThrive Chiropractic Family Success Stories

What Our Patients Say

At inThrive Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Tristan Shares How He Overcame Chronic Health Challenges
To Be A Better Father For His Children

Re-motivated Me to Work on My Health

Matthew photoThe original reason I started care was for my neck, low back and knee pain that I had for 10+ years. I had tried using a personal trainer with exercising, stretching, yoga, massage and using hot and cold packs. Since coming to the office, I do not have an overactive appetite, I also noticed it helped with my numbness in my fingertips and it feels like my blood is flowing much better now! Chiropractic care has re-motivated me to work on my health, because I’m seeing results I have been working towards for the better of a decade! Dr. Randy and Crystal are amazing people to work with and I love their attitudes! For people that are suffering I would say do your research, I’m sure there’s just as many bad chiropractors out there but Dr. Randy is definitely a good one!! I just want to say thank you for all the optimism and encouragement! Also, thank you for the occasional letter too, it always makes me smile.

- Matthew J.

Living Life on My Terms Again

renshawn photoI was suffering from pain and discomfort after having a total right hip replacement. I was stiff and not able to move as well as I once had. As a result, I did not feel like myself. I was sluggish, my energy was low, and somewhat depressed as I thought this is what life will be like from here on out. It was after the 2-3rd visit that I knew something was working. I felt looser and more flexible. When I woke up in the morning I could move better.

My experience at inThrive Chiropractic has been wonderful. I get shown tips and tricks that will help me recover. Most of all, I was shown that did not have to live the way I was living. I was given hope that I could enjoy the life that I once had before. Now that much of the pain and discomfort has greatly improved, I can enjoy my passion in life again, dancing. And I can do more of it as well. Now I can feel safe mountain biking as well which is something that I did not think I could do again.

- Renshawn L.

Goodbye Back Pain, Hello Playing with my Kids Again

joel photoIt was December 31 2017 when I turned and felt a sharp pain in my lower back. The pain level was constant however, when I tried to move, it went up to a 9/10 and this stayed that way for 2 days before my visit with Dr. Wurts. In the past, I would just stretch but this was not working this time. I like to be active with my kids, but I was unable to do that due to the pain. Even sitting was a problem. The care that I received not only decreased the pain and tension in my lower back, but it also improved my posture and helped with some digestive issues I was dealing with. Now that my problems are corrected I am able to stay active with exercise, the kids’ sports and the daily outdoors.

Dr. Wurts and Crystal are exceptional and friendly. As you as you walk in the door you are greeted with a How are you doing? How have you been? or some other genuine question about your day or week. They are always asking how the family is doing by name. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Wurts, I did not mention that Dr. Wurts had the office phone forwarded to his cell phone. He answered and came in on News Day to help me even though he was closed. This type of service and personal care was above and beyond with it being a holiday.

- Joel S.

Coming for Back Pain, Letting Go of Anger

I am sure this is not the testimonial that you expected to see. Well, to be honest, it’s not the one I expected to write either.

I should first introduce myself; my name is Rick. I am 26, I work as a Correctional Officer. My job is stressful and with a whole candy bowl of mental disorders doctors. suggest I have including anxiety, depression, and on top of it all P.T.S.D. Due to all of this, my body was locked into a constant state of stress. It made me anxious about everything, on edge, and always in the body’s reactive state of Fight or Flight. This made me very argumentative with my loved ones, friends, co-workers, and supervisors. Overall, I was an angry little turd.

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What brought me into Dr. Randy’s office? Well easy, my back hurt from a previous football injury that was never fully healed which allowed the rest of my back to go wonky. Dr. Randy isn’t a normal chiropractor. He takes his time and reviews all the information you give him about what’s wrong and develops a plan to fully address the issue, after your first exam, you will leave confident that you will see some benefit. He gives you realistic expectations, not empty promises to have you keep coming back. You are in control of your care, he makes suggestions. It is a really relaxed and pleasant experience that even had me, a hardcore skeptic, believe that I could see results. The atmosphere is very friendly you will always be greeted with a smile.

After my first exam, Dr. Randy explained to me that the spine is the house of the spinal cord which is the computer or motor of the body. If the spine is out-of-whack then the nervous system is out-of-whack. Which can lock the body into a state of stress. I was floored. We then developed a plan and scheduled appointments. Now I know when I say that they were flexible with my scheduling that sounds like a nuh duh moment right? Let me explain, I am a first-time dad, some days my son does not want to wear pants or a shirt or shoes, and the list goes on. This means a lot and I mean a lot of the time, I am running late. Other offices would charge you for missing the appointment and schedule you for another time. Dr. Randy does no such thing.

As time went on, appointments came and went, I noticed a change. I was way less on edge. I wasn’t constantly scanning rooms or being worried about things that were not even happening or that were outside of my control. I was not as confrontational. I argued less. I did not get as angry as fast. I was actually listening to understand instead of to respond. I could play with my son for much longer without being in pain. I was in a better mood and wasn’t experiencing as much day-to-day pain. I was not an angry little turd all the time anymore. As cheesy as it is going to sound, Dr. Randy really helped my overall mental health by getting my nervous system back into working order. I stopped arguing with my family over things that should have been conversations. I was more pleasant to be around. I know this sounds crazy but I am being honest.

To close; I went to Dr. Randy to get rid of my back pain. I got rid of so much more. I do hope that if you are going through anything similar like anxiety or P.T.S.D., you see someone like I did. And I truly believe that Dr. Randy has all the best intentions. He wants all his clients to get better. Dr. Randy has my six (guy talk for back). Let him cover yours too.

- Rick B.

Living with No Limits Again

My issues started in 2018 and only got worse from there. I came into the office several weeks ago feeling disappointed in my inability to do certain things I wanted to do. After, only 2 weeks, I was finally able to walk pain-free again. I am able to run, jump, squat, and lunge. Reflux/heartburn is much less than what it used, mental pain is manageable now, and I rarely get headaches now. Overall, I feel great! My sleep is better, more energy, and I feel like my true self again and nothing is holding me back.

Don’t wait. Give it a try and be amazed by how quickly you start to feel better and get your life back. Also, the service is phenomenal! Dr. Randy is caring and wants to do all he can for you.

– Falen N.

Free from Migraines to More Family Time

For a better part of a decade, I have been dealing with back and neck pain, trouble sleeping, and daily headaches that would lead to weekly migraines. That changed once I started seeing Dr. Randy at inThrive Chiropractic. My Headaches are all but gone, my posture is better and my overall feeling when I wake up has dramatically improved. It used to take me sometimes hours to get started in my day because of my lack of sleep and how uncomfortable I felt. I had an almost golfball-sized knot in my neck that over time has become virtually nonexistent. It was a constant pain and a massive cause of my headaches. My lower back is not in constant discomfort anymore either. I am a Hockey player, an outdoorsman, perform manual labour, and sit at a desk all day at work. Best of all, I can be more active with the kids and wife. There are a lot of things and activities that I attributed the pain to and considered normal. Since starting care, I have learned that discomfort doesn’t have to be a norm with these activities. Give chiropractic care a shot before pumping your body with medication. I truly believe that medication a lot of times treats a symptom instead of the problem. Which can delay and worsen the condition.

- Dave L.

I Wouldn’t Know Where I Would Be

I was reaching the point where I could not walk after a chronic problem developing for years. Sure, I would try medicine and occasional chiropractic adjustments just to get through a couple of days. Because of all the pain throughout my body, I was unable to work to my potential. It brought on depression, and I did not feel like doing anything.

That changed when I started seeing Dr. Randy for chiropractic care. Not only did my body pain greatly reduce, but it also helped my sinus problems, I am sleeping better, I think and concentrate better, and overall, I am in a better mood. I wouldn’t know where I would be if I didn’t come to see Dr. Randy. I was crippling myself to the point I was unable to do anything. Now I feel like I can do cartwheels. I’m happy, healthier, and back to my old self. A BIG thank you to Dr. Randy.
- Melissa B.

Finally Better After 3 Years

For 3 years I suffered with both shoulders in pain. I could not turn my neck from side to side or lift my arms past my shoulders. The therapies did not work, the injections did work, and the pain medication did not work either. I struggled at work with lifting and bending over. My social life was non-existent. I was always in pain and too tired to do anything.

With the help of Dr. Randy Wurts, that all changed. I am not taking injections anymore. I can raise my arms above my head, turning my head is easier and I have far less back pain. Not only that, my bowels and kidneys are both working better. My hands are no longer numb, and I have more energy! I am finally feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love the fact that I am able to heal and feel better without the use of drugs. I realize it is a process and that it takes time, but this is the best I’ve felt in 3 years. Don’t wait as long as I did to get your nerves and body straightened out. Thank you God and Dr. Randy.

- Vicki M.

Living Life Despite Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis

The muscle weakness, poor balance, lack of stamina, and severe fatigue due to multiple sclerosis was greatly affecting my life. Sleeping more, prescription drugs, supplements, and different shoes helped some but did not offer a solution to how the MS was affecting my life. I have not been able to work a steady job for 2 years. I used to sleep the entire time my kids were in school, and housework was an extreme burden. Chiropractic care has changed that for me. It has opened my eyes to taking an active role in maintaining my health. The care Dr. Randy provided awakened a nervous system that wasn’t working properly. My balance and stamina have improved greatly. Dr. Randy is also a vital part of your chiropractic care. His attitude toward improving the lives of his patients is incredible. I was at first apprehensive about someone adjusting my spine, but I have gotten over that issue. I wish I had come in sooner instead of living with poor health.

Have faith! If you believe you will get better (healthier) you will. Attitude is the most important part of your chiropractic experience. Thanks Dr. Randy.

- Cathy W.

Better Endurance & Recovery Time

I commute by bike to work 50 miles/day. I attend boot camp every day during the winter along with running. I participate in endurance events. Since seeing Dr. Wurts, my recovery time after my workouts is amazing. I don’t get sore and stiff like I used to and if I do it isn’t nearly as bad. Also, better endurance.

- Brenda A.

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