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Raising Healthy Kids DRESS Part 3 - Living Through our Nervous System

school lunch kidsWe live through our nervous system. Children do as well! It is the nervous system that instructs the digestive system to convert food from our Diet into energy and body tissue. It is the nervous system that allows us to calm down to Rest. Yes, the nervous system needs to talk to your children’s bodies for Exercise in the form of play too.

Kids even respond or react to Stress through the nervous system. What happens if parts of the nervous system are not working the way it was programmed and designed to? To digest food, rest, exercise, and respond to stress? The body will eventually give up and start to show symptoms.

In this video, Dr. Randy will cover the last S – Subluxation; that hinders the ability of your child’s nervous system to work with their body and how it may show up. Join Dr. Randy in Raising Healthy Kids Part 3 – The Subluxation.


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