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inThrive Chiropractic Special Offer

New Patient Special Offer – Only $59!

Doctor and baby patient smiling

Normally $175, This Offer Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Computerized Insight Scans
  • Physical Exam
  • Report Of Findings

Many parents feel helpless watching their child struggle through life with no answers or hope of resolving their child’s chronic illness, injuries, or behavior issues. We offer a drugless, safe solution by restoring the nervous system to proper function so your child can heal and overcome their challenge. As a result, their life improves, and parents regain hope.

Let me be the answer and hope for your child and your family by making an appointment today!


Learn more about our pediatric, pregnancy, and family care.

inThrive Chiropractic New Patient Special Offer | (614) 705-6567