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"Living Drained?" Is Your Lack of Energy NOT Allowing you to Participate in Life?

Low energy or fatigue can be a result of many things that people are doing or not doing. Sleep is usually the first thing that comes to mind to recharge. Fuel in the form of adequate and proper food is important too. Stress, especially chronic stress is a big energy sucker. However, most people are not aware of a very common one that is hidden in the body. NOT allowing your brain to work effectively and efficiently.

Your brain is 2-3% of your body weight yet consumes 20-25% of your daily energy. Therefore, if it must work harder to communicate with your body, it will use more energy. Removing the interference between your brain and body can boost your energy. Energy that you can use to engage in your life, relationships, work and purpose again.

I invite you to watch this video because it is something that I see often with the people I serve as. They gain more energy, they become more alive.

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