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Impacts of Stress During Infant, Toddler, Adolescence, and Teen Years

Babies are way more susceptible to stress than ever before. EVEN before they are born, they are subjected to stress.

It occurs sooner in life, is more severe, and has more long-lasting effects. Stress comes in many forms that can be categorized in 3 different ways: emotional, toxic, or physical stress.

Stressed child

Although the medical diagnosis changes through the years, the cause is still the same….stress that stays stuck in the nervous system impacts the function of the nervous system. A baby is subjected to emotional stress in the womb when the mother is subjected to excessive stress or even separated at birth when they need to go to the NICU. Necessary – Yes! Lasting effects -Yes.

Examples of toxic stress are drugs or medications during pregnancy, and additives to foods. Just ask a parent whose child has been diagnosed with ADHD what happens when they give their child candy with dyes in them. Then there is physical stress…….

THE MOST COMMON AND SERVERE is intervention during birth such as lifting the baby by the head during a C-section or using a device to pull the baby’s head. Then there is a lack of head movement as a baby. NO movement = brain not developing accordingly.

All stress is perceived by the brain in the same way! More importantly. It will stick in the brain as well. Join Dr. Randy with inThrive Chiropractic in this very enlightening video to understand how stress shows up in children through each developing stage of life. He will also provide a natural, drug-free solution that addresses these health challenges.

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