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I WISH I Would Have Told You Sooner

The real reason why I help children

Four children
“What??? Why would a chiropractor see kids? Do they have bad backs?”

Honestly, inside I want to SCREAM, (good thing that teeth filter thing works well) but then I realize it is not this person’s fault —- IT IS MY FAULT, it is the chiropractic professions fault for NOT CLEARLY and CONCISELY explaining why a child needs seen by a chiropractor and the BENEFITS as well. Starting with pregnancy. Babies do not have all have all that much room to play and kick mom in the ribs OUCH! Now add in any complications….. infertility, stress, mom’s posture, etc…. all leads to a rougher start to life.

Swaddled infant, sleepingOh and by the way, the spine IS being affected at this age. Heck yeah it will affect baby’s nerves! (most people don’t know that the nerves control EVERTHING in the body and if those are not working right either is baby) Next is birth. Who remembers that experience as a baby? (who really wants to?) Again, more TRAUMA on the spine and nerves often occur, not always, but often. Babies born by C-Section babies usually have problems. What do you think they GRAB to lift the baby from the womb? Not the arms, not the legs, but very often the babies head. MOMS, what would you do if some one picked up your baby by the HEAD causing issues with the SPINE AND NERVES? (I will tell you – MOMMA BEAR comes out and no one wants to deal with MOMMA BEAR) It snowballs from there. The nerves are not working – body is not working. Ear infections are occurring, colic sets, nerves are not processing, and neither is baby (ADHD, AUTISM, PROCESSING issues).

By the way, did you know all of this? Yeah, I did not think so, that is why I am to BLAME. So I am SORRY. Sorry that I did not write this sooner. That this information could have helped someone years ago. I am sharing this now though. And knowing is half the battle. So what will you do to win your half of the battle? Perhaps get more answers? Perhaps those answers are a phone call way? Just Perhaps.

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