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How Far Do You Want Your Body to Heal?

Body heal imageChiropractic care is a series of adjustments with the purpose of removing the nerve interference within the body. Thus, restoring proper function to the body to give it the ability to heal. There are three phases of care: relief, corrective, and wellness care. Please allow me to explain each below.

Relief Care: People are motivated by a health issue that is causing problems in their life. Whether it is chronic migraines, pain in the legs, ease of pregnancy related symptoms, or helping a colicky baby, people just want their life back. They want to make decisions based on their terms, not the issue that is controlling their life. Care is more frequent with the goal to alleviate the symptoms as fast as their body will allow. For some it is quick, for others it takes longer. There are variety of factors such as longevity of the injury, severity, location, age, lifestyle and health status of the individual that play into the duration of healing. Visit frequency is 5-3 times per week. People may then choose to continue with corrective care.

Corrective Care: This is one step beyond relief care. After the symptoms are gone, some people choose to correct the underlying cause (subluxations) of the symptoms even further. They know that if their spine is working at its best, then so will they. Care is not as frequent as relief care (2-1 time per week) with the goal to further improving spine and nerve function to maximize the function of the body to adapt to the stresses of life.

Wellness Care: Is for those who want to be proactive with their health. Just like a retainer maintains the correction for teeth after braces, wellness care keeps the correction of the spine after relief and corrective care. We often have people say that they have more energy, the things that would bother them before no longer do. They mention they are able to be more active compared to the person they used to be. Care is usually every 2-4 weeks depending how well people want to maintain their health and their current health status. Since many of these people are choosing to invest in their health, they often adopt improvements in how they think, move and eat too.

It is your choice in how far you would like to take your care to improve your health. Know that chiropractic has helped many people with a vast variety of diseases without the use of drugs and surgery and the associated side effects. Is safe, effective chiropractic the choice for you?

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