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Dysregulation: When The Nervous System is All Over The Place

Ever drive on the road and witness another car using 4 lanes of traffic? If you live in Columbus, the answer is YES. Now apply this concept to your nervous system being “all over the road” We rely on our nervous system to work properly as it controls and REGULATES every system in our body. However, if the nervous system is hyper-reacting or under-reacting to stress, that is what is known as dysregulation. If the nervous system is not regulating, neither is the body.

  • That means the digestive system is dysregulated – reflux, tummy aches, heartburn, IBS.
  • That means the immune system is dysregulated – allergies, chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, bronchitis.
  • That means emotions are dysregulated – anxiety, depression, mood swings, meltdowns.
  • That means behavior is dysregulated – hyperactive, fatigue, and sleep problems.
The cause of a dysregulated nervous system can be grouped into 3 categories: Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Stress.

Stress early and often in life scrambles the nervous system. The younger we are exposed to excessive stress, the more susceptible the nervous system is to dysregulation. Stress such as birth trauma, processed food, sitting all day, bullying, work stress, or neglect – all add up. In severe cases, autism, anxiety, sensory processing issues, and other neurodevelopmental disorders can be the result.

Neurologically focused chiropractic care seeks to restore a nervous system to balance. Through a care plan (a series of chiropractic adjustments) the brain and the nervous system are stimulated properly. In essence, it seeks to retrain the brain and body to work together.

Need some questions answered? Need hope restored? We invite you to give us a call so we can be that answer of hope for you or your child.

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