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Does Shoulder Pain Have You Working with One Arm?

Think about this, what if you could only use one arm?

That is likely the case when people suffer from shoulder pain for a long time. It starts as a fall, sports injury or you are playing detective as to why you just woke up with pain in your shoulder one morning that never seemed to go away. In fact, it is getting worse to the point it is now affecting your life. You may now have a hard time playing with your children, performing chores around the house are becoming more of a chore, and that feeling of frustration is ever looming more and more after you have to use your painful shoulder.

Everyone needs two healthy shoulders. When it comes to your shoulder, somethings seemingly small can turn into something big rather quick. In this video, I will explain the obvious and not so obvious causes of shoulder pain. Also, I will provide tips to help you resolve the pain on your own. Then what to do if the problem does not resolve itself.

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