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Creating a Mindset of Health and Healing

Man in front of chalkboardHealth begins in the mind and having the right mindset when faced with a health challenge is the first step in healing. Based on Dr. Randy’s observation and reading, patients who have these three mindsets in place get better results with the help of their doctor. The first rule in doctoring is instilling hope in the person. People must believe that it’s POSSIBLE to return to health. Also answer the question “Why do I want to get better?” Often there is a motivating factor. Is there a health challenge that is calling the shots on how you live rather than you freely choosing how to live? Perhaps that you are have watch your children play instead of participating. Another is calling off work for the 5th time due to a migraine. Third, envision what you would like your life to look like 1, 5, 10, and 20 years from now if you did have your desired health. Will you be traveling, playing with your grandchildren, or running that 5K? Go ahead, paint your life canvas. It is yours to create and will give you a vision so you can plan the small action steps now. When your health is thriving other areas of your life will as well.

This video will explain more about creating a health and healing mindset.

Have you overcome a health challenge that required the right mindset? Please share you experience to inspire and teach others that there is hope.

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