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Clearing the Confusion- How Chiropractic Helps Kids Part 1 - The Big Picture

rocket boyLet’s clear the confusion with chiropractic. As a neurologically focused pediatric chiropractor, I can understand why the public thinks chiropractors are back doctors. When you have a heart problem, you would go to the heart doctor, foot problem….the podiatrist, tooth problem…. the dentist.

So when you see a doctor pushing on someone’s back….then they get filed away as a back doctor. There is even confusion in the chiropractic profession. Some offer nutrition, physical therapy, laser rehab, and a host of other therapies to help you feel better. All can help, but not tried and true chiropractic.

So, let’s take it a step further to clear the confusion, especially when it comes to helping kids. The best part is you already know this. You just don’t know that you know it!

Allow me to set up the video where I explain it better. The spine is in the back and from the spine comes nerves that carry information to the body and information back to the brain. If one of those nerves is not working properly due to a problem with the spine, then it is likely that the part of the body that the nerve is connected to is not working well either. Now you may understand that chiropractors are more nerve doctors. My question to you is what are the nerves connected to in your body/ The answer….EVERYTHING!

Definitely a new way to look at chiropractic and how the body works.

Let’s apply this to children…. A nerve that is affecting the lungs is not working correctly… how will that show up in a child? A nerve that does not allow a baby’s body and brain to relax at night results in……???

Please watch the video to see if you are catching on, gaining a better understanding of how chiropractic can help children with a variety of health challenges, and opening your eyes to a new way of health care. (That’s been around for over 128 years)

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