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Beating Ear Infections - Naturally

Girl holding earParents who have a child struggling with chronic ear infections are all too familiar with the scream at night. The scream may be an hour or two after they place their child to bed. “It’s the ear infection scream again!” They know tonight they are pulling an unexpected “parent all-nighter” comforting their child and rocking them upright so they can sleep. While most ear infection problems are more noticeable at night, other problems appear throughout the day. The tugging of the ear, fuzziness, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, or just a very swollen neck are just a few signs that the pressure is building, and an ear infection is brewing.

Parents may want options when it comes to relieving the pain and putting a stop to the ear infections for good. Perhaps the antibiotics are not working, and placing a tube to relieve the pressure in the ear is the last resort they want.

Perhaps we should ask a different question. What is the cause of these chronic ear infections?

The answer is not a lack of antibiotics or a hole in the eardrum. It has more to do with blocked plumbing in the lymph system that drains the ear and a weak immune system.

In this video, Dr. Randy dives deep into natural solutions that you may or may not have tried. To provide relief, promote the immune system, and improve the pressure through improved lymph drainage. If you tried all the others, the last one will make total sense to you.


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