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Anxious Babies Become Anxious Kids Become Anxious Adults - It All Adds Up

How has stress built up in your life?

From the earliest days of pregnancy, stress can set the stage for challenges that follow us throughout life. Babies who experience colic and meltdowns can grow into teens and adults who face ongoing stress and anxiety. In this video, Dr. Randy Wurts, a neurologically focused family chiropractor, explains how stress affects the nervous system as we live life. He also explains how it eventually shows up during different life stages.

Accumulation in the Nervous System When stress triggers are present, they accumulate in our nervous system. This buildup affects us at every stage of life, manifesting physically, behaviorally, and emotionally. Stress Compounds and Manifests Stress isn’t just a fleeting feeling—it compounds over time, showing up in various ways. This can lead to physical symptoms such as reflux in babies, stomach pain in teens, and fatigue in adults. Behavioral and emotional changes can appear as fussiness, meltdowns, social distancing in teens, or anger and depression in adults.

Chiropractic Care Calms the Nervous System Chiropractic care offers a way to calm the nervous system, addressing the root of these issues. Chiropractic care helps you and your family thrive at every stage of life by reducing stress and promoting overall wellness.


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