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Exercise Videos

Neck Exercises

Neck stretches with a chair
30 seconds and hold for each side; 2-3 times a day

Neck strength exercises with a towel
15 times front and back and 30 times side to side

Posture exercises for head and neck
Deep breath from the stomach (not raising your chest);
hold the pose until you blow out all of your air

Neck strength exercises – Pillow pushes
10 count and do 3 times both morning and night

Lower Back Exercises

Lower back exercises with stability ball
30 times up and down; 15 times each to the right and left

Lower back exercises laying face down
Try to raise elbow off floor for 15 count. Do 3 times

Core Exercises

Consult with a fitness trainer for a complete core workout. These are designed to get you started.

Core exercises for beginners
15 times for the crunch; 15 times each leg lower

Piriformis Stretch for Sciatica Problems

Piriformis stretch lying down
Stretch each leg for 30 count

Piriformis stretch in a chair
Stretch each leg for 30 count

Proper sitting to save your back and keep it strong
Concentrate daily and remember it takes a month for your body to start to get use to the new position. Standing desks are a great way to go as well.

Exercises for Pregnant Women

Round ligament massage for pregnant women
Up and down movement for 30 count in the morning

Figure 8 hip mobility exercise for pregnant women
30 count daily

Primitive Reflexes for Both Starting and Retained

Exercises for Rooting, Palmer or Plantar primitive reflexes
30 times 3 times a day

Paraspinal/Galant’s primitive reflex exercise – snow angel
30 times a day all at once

Atonic Neck Reflex – ATNR
3 times 30 times each

Starfish exercise for Moro or Startle primitive reflex
30 times a day all at once

Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex – ATNR the Dead Bug
3 times 30 times each

Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex – ATNR the Crazy Dog
3 times 30 times each

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